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New Bike Day

Posted by on May 16, 2017

When I first set out to lose the weight I had added on over the span of my adult life, I hadn’t counted on being so enthused and hooked to cycling as I’ve become. I also had no appreciation for the hard-men of the spring classics. To me the best riders were the Grand Tour GC contenders; I had no idea the differences between the abilities of each. Now that I’ve ridden for over 5 years, I understand the differences and appreciate and celebrate them.

But way back when, I had set a goal for my first road bike at 30% total body weight loss. That first goal became LuquiBike, which then became Syndi after discovering the cracked frame. I kept the weight off, and put over 10,000 miles on Syndi before I got \/\/illie, my Wilier, and gave Syndi to my wife as a bike. Eventually I picked up Allie, the Allez in the spirit of “Don’t race what you can’t replace.” But the Allez is meant to be the race bike — full aggressive setup, meant to be ridden hard and fast.

But also I had planned on getting a bike more in tune with riding with a surgically-repaired pelvis, and something with road-disk brakes that I could take to France and reliably handle braking in any condition, say on a decent off a 2000m Col in the mist/rain, and that was going to be a new Specialized Roubaix.

I went into Spokes Etc. to test ride the Allez, and I test rode a couple of the new Roubaix experts, which felt really smooth and really comfortable. I was going to put in an order on the Allez and the Roubaix, but then I saw the price point and feature set of the Roubaix Pro – Fact 11r carbon fiber frame, UDI2 hydraulic brakes, CL32 carbon wheelset, it was by far the best bike for the price.

I put in my order, picked up the Allez because it was in stock, but was expecting to wait a month on the Roubaix Pro… Which became 2 months… and then 3, and then I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it in time for my trip to France, let alone this year.

So Jack at Spokes pulled a magic rabbit out of his hat, and I upgraded to the S-Works Roubaix, which comes with the SRAM Hydraulic eTap groupset and the CLX32 wheelset, both of which you can only get right now on this specific bike.

After 3 months of waiting, yesterday was pickup day, and today was the first official Ride.

S-Works Clinchers on the Roval Wheels:

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