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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sage Advice

If you’re overthinking (like I am) the purchase of the entry road bike: The guys who are great athletes and who get paid to ride bike brands were winning before that sponsorship and they’ll be winning when they change teams. The bike doesn’t make the rider, or even the ride. It’s just the catalyst, because, … Continue reading »

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Pea Soup

Weather forcast was for a little chilling fog, lifting around noon with a warming trend towards the end of the day. Wrong! Fog was thick and condensing on any solid surface. Had to constantly wipe my glasses at every stop. Due to my emergency bike handling skills class given to me by the Holmes Run … Continue reading »

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Tour de Bike Shoppes

To prep for this intense tour, I first took an inventory of all the places I wanted to stop by. This list was pretty extensive, including a stop at my friend Scott’s house, and 10 bike shops. The problem then became the route, as this would be a very good application for using the Travelling … Continue reading »

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The standard PPTC lunch, this time I returned home via Custis. I did stop at Big Wheel Bikes and had a look at their inventory. They had a lot more in the way of CX and hybids than road bikes, but they had a good inventory of Scott bikes.

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I’ve Ridden Every Day This Year

Obvious title is obvious. Every year, the DC area cyclists en masse go and ride loops around Hain’s Point. It’s flat, it’s cold, and it was unusually un-windy. I got passed several times by a large group of riders (40+ riders), helping me experience what it means to be in a slipstream. I think partially … Continue reading »

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600 Miles and a KOM

Wanted to make sure I reached a milestone before the end of the year, and I wasn’t sure about being able to get out once we returned home from Christmas, so I went out between opening Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner to put in the extra few miles to break 600 on the year. It’s … Continue reading »

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Home Despot

This was my first real ride on Route 1 in Rehoboth. It wasn’t very busy compared to in-season, but I stopped at Giant to look for pre-made crepes (Wife was making a Lemon Curd Crepe Cake, and she wasn’t sure that she and my aunt would be able to make proper crepes), but failed to … Continue reading »

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Espresso in Lewes

It was a nice but windy ride up to Lewis, the wind coming at a 15-20mph clip from the west-northwest, so every jog west was rewarded with pain. Once in Lewes, I decided to do what every cyclist does in the midst of a ride; look for an Espresso. A quick lap around the downtown … Continue reading »

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