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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Resolutions / Wish List

Other than the rather obvious Wish List Continue the Bike Related Weight Loss (60lbs so far, that’s 21% body weight) Once #1 hits 25% body weight, New Road Bike…. And it’s gotta be a pretty one too. 2000 miles in the saddle (Strava says 546 since I bought my bike on 14 Jul) Start Commuting … Continue reading »

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Body by Cycling

I started this process on July 14th… So this is me on July 27th on the left, and me on the 15th of December. 60 pounds from start to current. 21% body weight loss over the 5 month time. Most of it from cycling and just not eating so much. Another 4% and I get … Continue reading »

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Just a quick ride out on the trail, down to Phoenix Bikes via W&OD and back via as much of the 4 Mile Run trail that I can find. Just that wicked hill at the Glencarlyn Park Sidepath did me in. It had rained pretty hard the night before, and was foggy and overcast, so … Continue reading »

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Done With Being Sick

While we were visiting family in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I had that feeling. The one where you get that feeling in the back of your throat and your soft palate that you’re going to get sick. When we got home, it hit all of us like a ton of bricks. Coughing, sinus, congestion, the … Continue reading »

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