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Monthly Archives: September 2012

23 Miler

I keep trying to increase my distance on my rides to test/increase my endurance. After being introduced to the Custis Trail by my friend Jourdan, I went on another ride of it. I’m not a big fan of riding somewhere that I haven’t been yet. It’s more of a psychological thing as I don’t know … Continue reading »

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Arlington Ring (Easy Mode)

Got in a ride with a couple of co-workers doing the easy mode ring around Arlington. Easy Mode being that we took the easier route clockwise, where the big hills on the Custis Trail aren’t as big, and the ride up from the beginning of the W&OD trail is the long-but-not-very-steep kind. I like going … Continue reading »

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Some nights, I just don’t feel it, and have to struggle to get out on the bike. Tonight was one of those nights. We had a company picnic earlier in the day, and after doing some bowling on the cricket pitch, coupled with being out in the sun, I was just tired by the time … Continue reading »

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Another Direction

A really nice day to ride. Decided that since I hadn’t been the other way on the trail, I took off east. The only reason I turned around is that it was starting to get dark. I made it back to my car after sunset, so I’m happy to have lights.

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Such a wonderful day out today to ride. A pretty vicious cold front blew through last night, felling a good 8″ caliper branch out of the tree in my back yard, and causing me to be without electricity for 15 hours, but it finally pushed out the crappy humidity that the remnants of Hurricane Isaac … Continue reading »

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Just one street more

I had set a goal today to ride to the Dulles Toll Road from the Vienna Community Center. I figured that it would be a nice bit of hills to end a long day. When I got there I changed my goal to get to the Reston Town Center. So I kept going. The only … Continue reading »

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Ninja Riders

I’m losing the weight, which is increasing my average speed on flat and slightly uphill sections, but I’m still getting winded going up the bigger hills. As a reminder; call out your passes. I watched what had to be a Vision Quest wrestler on a road bike dressed head to toe in sweats… Black sweats … Continue reading »

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