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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Between the Hills

It felt good to get back on the trail after 5 days off. Got home early to pick up the bike and haul it over to the Vienna Community Center. Picked up some wife aggro since she was expecting the standard 20-30 minute neighborhood ride, while I wanted something of a little more substance. With … Continue reading »

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Some Days You Don’t Ride

When a dieter cheats on a diet, they might be overcome with a feeling of guilt, because they haven’t been true to the diet. This might lead to further binges, or a return to the straight and narrow. Some dieters incorporate a cheat day into their diet. Though there are a some people that say … Continue reading »

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Quick Ride Before Sunset

Got back from a trip to Chicago for work, spending time inside a Datacenter running cables, labeling wires, mucking around with the network.  Spent some time in the hotel gym on the elliptical and the stationary, but nothing feels better than getting back on the bike.

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One of the things I wanted to accomplish early was to get some long time in the saddle. Get my butt used to the pain of that bike seat for more than the little 20-30 minute rides I had been doing. Since Spokes Etc. is my local bike shop, and my friend Brian recommended looking … Continue reading »

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I got back on my bike the following Wednesday, and put in a rather tame 2.2 miles.  But I got back up.  Rode again that Friday, and then the following Sunday. During this time, I was reading bike sites, trying to figure out what I needed to bring along every ride.  I knew, from reading … Continue reading »

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First Ride

Everyone remembers their first, right? I had a short turn around my aunt’s neighborhood while cycling with my 8 year old cousin, and the ride to the house from the bike shop, but really, I don’t count those two as my first. It was a hot monday in July, the 23rd, right before my birthday.  … Continue reading »

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So it started July 14th, finally going down to the bike store and buying a bike. That makes it sound too easy.  Really, it started last year, I’d estimate July 19th, 2011.  6 days before, my wife had laboured through 17 hours of childbirth, coming to find out in the 17th hour that, no, neither … Continue reading »

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Purpose Statement

One of the things that has provided me years of working knowledge was the Technical Writing class I took while at the University of Central Florida.  The idea was that computer science majors (which I was at the time) would need to understand how to write professional documents after graduation, and that they should learn … Continue reading »

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